Dear Friends of Willow Glen Middle School and High School,

2014 Ask Letter picturesDear Friends,

Your generous support has already made a difference in so many ways for Willow Glen’s public high school and middle school. Not surprisingly, here in the capitol of Silicon Valley, one way involves new, innovative, hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses at both schools, creating a unique STEM pathway from middle school to high school – and then to college and career.

When describing these new engineering and science strands, the principals emphasize the impact on students – and they also stress that these programs are only possible because of community support. As Willow Glen High School Principal Kaia Hamilton puts it,

“So much of what we’re doing is a direct result of parents and the community standing up and supporting us. There’s no doubt about it.”

Willow Glen Middle School Principal Shannon McGee concurs and continues,

“We’re excited to bring these engineering programs to our students. It’s a perfect time for them to be exposed to these concepts. They become so engaged and motivated, as they learn new things in new ways that are perfect for them. And teachers are jazzed too – they’re given new tools and techniques, and they’re seeing their students grow by leaps and bounds.”

The Willow Glen Foundation works throughout the year, raising funds to enhance these efforts that inspire, promote, and support academic excellence and cultural enrichment for all students at Willow Glen High School and Willow Glen Middle School.

We are proud of our neighborhood schools, and understand how much our support means to them. That’s why we are asking you to make a gift today. If you have already donated to the Foundation this year, we thank you sincerely and hope that you will be able to augment your initial donation. If you have not donated for a while, now could be
a perfect time

With much appreciation,

Karen Carter

P.S. Please make checks payable to Willow Glen Foundation. Contributions are tax deductible (Tax ID #46-2106211). If your employer matches donations, please provide us with the information needed to maximize your gift.

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