Intero Helps Build Academic Bridge

$7,000 Grant Allows Willow Glen Foundation to Support Transition Program at Middle and High Schools

Thanks to a grant from the Intero Foundation through its Meridian Real Estate Office, the Willow Glen Middle & High School Foundation is providing funds to supplement a Summer Bridge Program that will help sixth and ninth grade students from low-income families make successful transitions from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school, paving the way for academic success. “By helping disadvantaged students during this critical crossroads in their academic careers, Intero is directly impacting our students’ success – in middle school, high school, college, and beyond,” says Willow Glen High School Principal Kaia Hamilton.

At its weekly meeting of realtors today, Intero officially presented a $7,000 check to the Willow Glen Foundation, noting that strong schools not only benefit the students who attend, but the community as a whole. To boost schools as a whole, all students must have the opportunity to be successful, and through their grant it was acknowledged that students from low-income families often don’t have adequate preparation — or even the school supplies — necessary to make smooth transitions to their new environments and to get on track to reach academic success. “Transitioning to a new school can be challenging for any student. For a socio-economically disadvantaged student, the challenges are magnified,” explains Willow Glen Middle School Principal Shannon McGee.

Willow Glen Middle School and Willow Glen High School will not only welcome all of their new students; they will expose 250 of them (who are eligible, on the basis of need) to core academic content and social/emotional development courses, and provide free breakfast, lunch, and school supplies. Sessions will be taught by Willow Glen Middle School and Willow Glen High School teachers credentialed in math, English, science, and physical education. In addition, more than 20 volunteers from the Willow Glen community will provide assistance.

“Willow Glen is an amazing community. With support from local businesses like Intero, along with committed volunteers and dedicated educators at our schools, we can make an enormous difference for kids — today and in the future,” says incoming Willow Glen Foundation President Shari Rodenberger. “On behalf of the Foundation, I’d like to express our sincere thanks to Intero for making a positive impact on our kids, our schools, and our community.”

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