High School Programs – WGHS Parent Club

The WGHS Parent Club and the Willow Glen Foundation merged in 2016, blending the school’s largest organizer of volunteer hours and its largest charitable foundation. The Parent Club’s “PTA-like” activities continue, in support of teachers, students, and administrators at WGHS.

High School Programs & the WGHS Parent Club

The original mission of the Parent Club to support Willow Glen High School and to promote the welfare of its students, faculty, and staff continues unabated, operating as “High School Programs” and the “High School Activities Fund.” Our volunteer corps was formed in order to provide a structured organization whereby school personnel, parents, and interested members of the community may come together for the purpose of preservation and enhancement of our students’ educational environment. Specifically our goals are to improve school facilities and programs; to provide better communication between parents, students, teachers, school administration, and the school district; and to support both academic and social activities.

We would like to welcome everyone to our meetings. Please join us anytime. We are WGHS’s “PTA” organization and this group is a wonderful way to get involved with the school and stay informed regarding events and activities.

We would love to see you at a monthly Foundation Meeting

We keep people informed: through email newsletters. If you are not on the list, opt in by emailing willowglenhighinfo@gmail.com. All of our parent groups, teachers, college and career center counselors, and principals use this email list as a way to communicate. It is a wonderful central location for information.

We recruit volunteers: By joining the Parent Club email list, you will be notified of volunteer opportunities.

We fund teacher requests: Most of our budget is earmarked to buy materials that directly enhance our students’ education.

We organize and hold numerous activities and events: from the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances to our Staff Appreciation Breakfast and Freshman Welcome, your WGHS Parent Club is here creating a special high school experience that is unique to WGHS.

We accept tax-deductible donations to support the WGHS Parent Club year-round.

Your contributions to the Willow Glen Foundation also support the Parent Club. If you have any questions, or would like to talk to one of our volunteers, please leave a comment below.

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