The WG Foundation is always looking for new volunteers to support greater academic achievement for Willow Glen’s Middle School and High School. Learn local schools inside and out; meet regularly with school administrators; and make our schools better for everyone!

Please join us to support excellence in education at Willow Glen Middle School and Willow Glen High School.

Tasting & Auction CHAIR & Volunteers – Plan the “Party of the Year” in November, helping with sponsor solicitation, party logistics, auction procurement, fundraising, and more. Set-up/Clean-Up, Purchasing. November 15, 2020.

Communication – Social Media, Promotions, Marketing, Annual Reports

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Development – Manage & Support all Fundraising Activities, Tasting, RamStarter

Allocation Activities – Coordinate with teachers and admin to allocate grants.

Website Management – Content, Design, Donation (eCommerce) Engine

High School Programs & Events – Student support, volunteer coordination, social events, test taking encouragement, teacher recognition.

Teacher Appreciation Activities – Banquets, Supply Acquisition, Thank You’s

Assistant Treasurers – Financial deposits and expenses for operating units

Bilingual Outreach – Volunteer and support across our diverse community.

To join us, please email Info@WillowGlenFoundation.org, leave a comment on any page of our website, or ask your principals to connect you with us!