Who is the Foundation?

The Willow Glen Middle & High School Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to making our neighborhood’s public middle and high schools the best they can be. We are parents, community members, and educators who care passionately about public school education.

The Foundation’s volunteer board meets monthly and is comprised of 4 officers and 5 ex-officio participants (the Principal and a faculty member from the Middle School and High School, as well as an area School Board Trustee), committee chairs, and represenatives from other support organizations. Its four committees are Communications, Allocations, Outreach (Board Development and Membership), and Development (Fundraising). The Foundation Bylaws outline the organization’s governance structure and operations.

What does the Foundation do?

The Foundation raises money through membership, community events, grant writing, and other activities. The funds raised are spent on academic and cultural initiatives.

  • Enriches classroom curriculum – Working with teachers and administrators, the Foundation has funded state-of-the-art classroom tools and materials, professional development opportunities for teachers, and special events that reinforce or enhance learning and civic responsibility. The Foundation recently funded 37 iPads, 15 Document Cameras, 5 projectors, and supporting software for classroom use; along with motivational assemblies and classroom materials designed to enhance and recognize academic achievement and promote civic engagement. The Foundation also helps to fund Student Planners for all students at both schools.
  • Purchases books – Since 2000, the Foundation has bought more than 3,000 books for the Middle and High School libraries as well as classroom libraries.
  • Strengthens the campus community – The Foundation pays a portion of the cost of sending elected student officers to training seminars that sharpen their skills to lead classmates in activities throughout the year. The Foundation also sponsors inspirational student assemblies that provide role models of inclusion and interpersonal success.
  • Encourages college and career planning – The Foundation is a major sponsor of Willow Glen High School’s Biennial Career Day, where more than 100 professionals come to campus to inspire students with stories of career success. The Foundation also helped establish the College & Career Center through the purchase of ten computers that students may use to research colleges, scholarships, and careers.
  • Nurtures booster organizations – The Foundation has acted as an incubator and source of seed money for emerging groups of passionate parents and students as they create self-sustaining organizations. Organizations include the Performing Arts Boosters, Robotics Boosters, and the Class of ‘53 Scholarship Fund.
  • Celebrates academic achievement – Each spring, the Foundation rewards a select group of outstanding graduating high school seniors with a modest scholarship designated to pay a portion of their first year college expenses.
  • Raises the profile of local public schools – Throughout the year, Foundation volunteers share information about Willow Glen Middle and High Schools to prospective students and their families, realtor organizations, and other community groups.

Who benefits, and how?

  • We provide resources that support each student – by enhancing opportunities to find inspiration in an unexpected place; to consider a new perspective on an old idea; to savor an experience that sparks the imagination; and to build the foundation for a life-long love of learning.
  • We offer access to tools for teachers and staff – that help bring lessons to life; that create new paradigms for teaching and learning; that inspire students to excel. And we act as a partner with a shared commitment to public education.
  • We offer broad benefits to Willow Glen residents – because by strengthening public schools in our community, we strengthen our neighborhood and enhance Willow Glen’s reputation as a desirable place to live, learn, work, shop, and play.